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Join the cutest bunch of rescue animals as they welcome a new friend to the shelter. Tiger Lily and The Shelter Pets encourages readers of all ages to use teamwork, friendship, and courage to tackle any problem, and inspires the next generation of animal advocates!





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We are so honored to have received the 2023 Hartz Newcomer Cat Communications Award from The Cat Writers Association!

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Amazon Customer Reviews

"Loved it! Can’t wait to find out more about Percy and his new friends. Loved that it was about rescued pets and teamwork!"

"This book is great for children and adults alike. It is an endearing story about rescue/shelter pets with an underlying theme of making new friends and conquering your fears. An easy read and very relevant to day to day challenges that we all face. I bought multiple to give out as gifts, but kept one for my home library as well."

"Great for reading to, being read to, and starting conversations on kindness, empathy, teamwork and of course the importance and joy of animal rescues. This is a great addition to any library and classroom."

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