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About The Author 

Thank you for checking out my site! I wrote this story because I love animals, and as a foster mom to many pets over the years I know the joy that comes from welcoming a furry friend in need into your home. I hope this story inspires young readers to advocate for animal rescues, and encourage more people to consider pet adoption when choosing a family pet. I believe that if we work together perhaps one day we can save them all!



I knew at a very early age I wanted to be a writer. I spent every free moment on the floor of my bedroom writing poems and short stories. I was the weird kid in English class who loved essay assignments and adored creative writing; the more creative the topic, the better! Unfortunately, I was also very shy and insecure, and I kept my passion and dreams locked safely away, close to my heart. Writing stories and poems has always had a place in my life, a secret place, but a place nonetheless.

Why pursue my dream now, you ask? Why, after 25 years as an Interior Designer, did I choose to start my writing career? Perhaps it's my own little mid-life crisis. Perhaps I got tired of dreaming and decided to start doing. Or perhaps after all the challenges life has thrown at me over the years, I asked myself, "why not now?". I can say with confidence; dreaming is great, but working to make your dream a reality is exhilarating!

​​I am a single Mom to two of the most amazing humans on the planet! My sons are my reason for existing, my inspiration, my joy and what I am most proud of. Every day they challenge me not just to be a better parent, but a better person. They are my harshest critics and my biggest cheerleaders! Without their support and encouragement I might never have had the guts to start this crazy adventure!

When I'm not working to pay the bills, writing, or raising my boys, I'm rescuing and fostering animals. We have fostered and adopted countless pets over the years; mostly cats. Yes, I have a lot of cats! More than most, but not more than I can handle. We tend to gravitate towards the misfits; the older or sick animals. The ones that no one else will take. I would take them all if I could! My hope in writing the Tiger Lily series of books is to not only realize my dream, but to help the animal rescue community. A portion of every book sold will be donated back to local rescues and shelters, so that they can continue working to save animals in need. Perhaps one day we CAN save them all!

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